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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Isn’t It Nice to Know You're Loved?

I had such a great day. This morning was music with JamNFolks. We had a good session. We’ve got a gig next Friday, so we practiced some of the songs we’ll be performing and also jammed a bit as well. It was a smaller group than usual, but that was kinda nice, too.

After music I met Susan & Wendy for lunch. I can’t say enough about these two women. I met Susan at Curves and she invited me to Bible study where I met Wendy, who leads the study. Susan is married to Wendy’s dad. Both Susan and Wendy’s mom, Barbara, attend the study and are good friends. Isn’t it cool how God can make friendships work even when the odds are against them?

Anyway, I digress. (Imagine that!) Wendy is going to be out of town the next couple of weeks so I won’t get to see her again before we leave and we wanted to spend a little more time together. Thus, the lunch and the title of this post.

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Another digression – Wendy has written a fabulous book entitled, Amazed Clay. You can check it out here. If you’ve ever struggled in your Christian walk, I urge you to read her book. You won’t be sorry.

Susan & Wendy have welcomed me to the study group and to church and made me feel very much a part of their community. They are encouraging and loving and just wonderful people. I’m going to miss them while we’re away but I believe we’ll keep in touch. Lunch lasted more than 2 hours! We left each other reluctantly but with many hugs. Thankfully, Susan and I will still have time together over the next couple of weeks.

While I was out being loved and enjoying myself, Randy was home toiling away. He continued washing the rig and vacuumed the inside, too. What a great guy I’ve got! Tonight he’s at Pops rehearsal.

Hope your week is going well. Until the next time . . .

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