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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Normal Everyday Life

The last couple of days have just been filled with everyday life kind of stuff.

Yesterday we ran errands with Kevin, picking up things for both his and our RV. Then, we went to Home Depot to check prices on plywood. Kevin needs to put some type of cover around the bottom of his RV to help insulate it this winter. I thought you could buy a skirt to attach to the RV, but apparently they are only available via custom ordering and that's just cost prohibitive. The guy at the RV parts store suggested using plywood; it's much less expensive and does the same thing.

So, we priced out the plywood. Now Kev needs to measure so we can go back and purchase what he needs.

That was the excitement yesterday.

Today started at 4am for me. UGH. Not sure why I was so wide awake at that time, but I was. I finally got up about 4:30. Gotta say the good thing about getting up that early is that there's no excuse for not having quiet time with God! :)

Randy finally joined me in the living room about 6:45am – sluggard! :) heehee

About 8am, I caught a short nap. Hey, don't judge me!! I had been up for four hours, so it was an acceptable time for napping. :)

Randy worked around the rig while I went to the laundramat. Didn't get to Curves, but that's on the agenda for tomorrow.

The rest of the afternoon was very lazy, as usual. We just finished dinner and are settled in the recliners for a night of TV.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. We are only allowed to use styrafoam for underpining here. The owner won't allow us to use anything else. It actually worked pretty well last year. Stay safe.