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Friday, October 22, 2010


The tags for Kevin's truck have arrived!! Free at last! :) No more sharing our truck. Kevin is so happy – but not any more than we are. Now all he has to do is submit the paperwork for his RV tags and he'll be set.

Have we really only been in Kansas three months???? Sure seems like longer. But, things are finally settling down and everything is falling into place. Praise God. Why do I doubt Him?

Blackie was groomed and looks good. He smells a whole lot better, tool. :) I'd post a picture, but the internet connection is just too slow.

No oil change for the truck, though. Randy got to the Ford dealer and once they realized the size of our truck, they said they couldn't handle it. I was a little annoyed because when I stopped in on Tuesday to make the appointment, I told them we had a 550. I was a little concerned, however, when the guy didn't even write it down. I asked him if we needed an appointment and he said no. He also said it wouldn't be a problem. But, in addition to not being able to handle the truck size, Randy was told the work wouldn't be finished today anyway. What??? I think the owner needs to check on his service people.

Thankfully, there is another Ford dealer in the area, just not as close. But, Randy's got an appointment for Monday and they said they can handle the 550. Let's hope so.

We went out for dinner this evening. It's just the third time we've been out to eat this month. That's huge for us – we usually eat out two or three times a week. Our budget has been revamped, so eating out is not in the schedule as often. I thought I was going to miss it more than I have. For that, I am grateful.

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some more cross stitching done; I did quite a bit today. We'll see.

Until the next time . . .

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