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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Way Sunday Should Be

Yep, that was today. A perfect Sunday.

Randy & I went to early service at church; heard a good message , sang some uplifting songs and generally enjoyed being in God's house.

After church, we met Kevin at Cracker Barrel for a great breakfast. Like there's any other kind of breakfast at CB! We are getting as much face time with Kevin as we can since we'll be out of here in a week or so.

Since we had filled our bellies to the max, it was time to go to the grocery for a few items. We have learned (and my momma always told me) never to shop for groceries on an empty stomach. WAY too much money is spent when you do that. So, we got out of WalMart without doing too much damage to the budget.

Although, we did go over our grocery budget this month. But, we figure that's because we've been feeding Kevin all month as well. We're sure that we will fall in line easily once we are on our own again.

Once we got home, we “rested.” Isn't that what you're supposed to do on Sundays??? :) We watched the movie, “The Black Stallion,” with Mickey Rooney. It's an older movie, but I'd never seen it. It was a good one.

Tonight's dinner was leftover chicken potpie or sandwiches. And now we're settled in our recliners for the night. Not too shabby.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Until the next time . . .

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