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Monday, October 18, 2010

What’s Around the Corner?

Unfortunately, every once in awhile we get a jolt of reality – and it hurts. Randy & I have learned again and again that we really have no control over much of what happens in our lives. That's why we are grateful to belong to a God Who is in control.

Sometimes, make that OFTEN, we do not understand why things happen. And we aren't happy about it. But we take comfort in knowing that God has the big picture and we just see small parts of that picture. We hold on tightly to our faith and trust our God for the results. We have lived much of this these past three months.

It is with those thoughts that many of us in the RVing world mourn the loss of Bruce & Margie. I didn't follow their blog so I didn't have the pleasure of “knowing” them, but from what I've read on other blogs, it seems I missed out. But, you don't have to know people to mourn their loss. Such a tragedy. Randy & I join the rest of you in praying for their family to be comforted by their memories of Bruce & Margie.

As many others have written, enjoy today because we do not know what's around the corner. But, if it's something fun – embrace it and live to the fullest. If it's painful, embrace that, too, because by conquering it, you will be stronger. And maybe, you'll know yourself just a bit better, too.

Until the next time . . .


  1. So beautifully said and so so true!! Thanks Terry for reminding us who is control and we need not be afraid. Such comforting words and thoughts.

  2. Great Blog Terry...and aren't we glad we can't see the big picture!