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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Disney – Here We Come!

I haven't posted since Tuesday because we had no internet connection in Bushnell, Florida. It was weird, we had cell phone service, but the air card (which uses the same technology) wouldn't connect. Oh, well. I had my iPhone so at least I could keep up with Facebook! 'Cause we all know how important that is!! :)

Anyway, to back up a couple of days. The original plan was to overnight on the road from Raccoon Valley SKP to a park in Valdosta, GA. Well, the drive 'til to you drop bug hit Randy once again and he decided we'd get further down the road the first day. Valdosta is eight hours from Raccoon Valley, so to stop midway would have been too early. It's no fun stopping for the night in a truck stop at 4:00 in the afternoon.

So, we zipped on down the road and eventually stopped about 6pm at a Cracker Barrel (gosh, isn't that convenient!) in Cordele, GA. From there we figured we'd stop for a couple of nights at the SKP park in Bushnell. We'd never been to that park before and it would be a nice change. Plus, it's less than two hours from our goal – Disney World!!

Sumter Oaks (SKP park) is a nice, cozy park. As usual, the welcome was sincere and friendly. We were given a pull-thru site with 30 amp. The only reason we won't come here again, for any length of time is the aforementioned lack of internet connection. I can survive for a couple of nights, but not long term! Otherwise, it's a nice park.

We left the park about 11am and are on our way to Disney. As I write this, we are traveling south on the Florida Turnpike. Should pull into Fort Wilderness about 12:30 or so. YIPPEE!!!

Not sure how often I'll be posting while we're at Disney. Guess it just depends on how exhausted I am after playing all day. Stay tuned!

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