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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Today was a do-nothing day. After the fast pace of the last two days, Randy & I were ready to do nothing. My body hurt from all the walking. I was so glad we did because halfway through the day, I started feeling a cold coming on. UGH! This is not the time for a cold. I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad. We've got lots to do over the next few days – Jason, Lindsay & Reagan are coming tomorrow!!

Yesterday Dan, Debbie, Randy & I spent the day at EPCOT. Dan & Debbie had never been there before. The plan was to tour the park for most of the day, go home for dinner and go back for the light show in the evening.

We were surprised how crowded the park was. In years past when Randy & I've been here at this time of year, the crowds were minimal. But, that didn't keep us from enjoying ourselves.

Busier than expected!

Our first stop was to get Fast Passes for Dan, Debbie & Randy for a new ride called “Soarin'.” It is a virtual hang gliding ride. Not for me! Their Fast Passes called for them to come back between 1:30 and 2:30, so that gave us three hours to wander the park. Off we went.

We stopped for a photo op at these falls:


Do you notice something odd about them? Yep, they are going UP not down. Sooooo . . . shouldn't they be called “ups” instead of “falls”? :)

We made our way to the World Showcase, beginning with United Kingdom.

P1120546 P1120548

Next we found ourselves in France. We sat through a wonderful film that took us all over France. Such gorgeous scenery. While there, we found a topiary garden dedicated to Beauty and the Beast. Such cool sculptures!

P1120553 Belle & Gaston P1120555

We walked through Morocco to Japan.

Japan P1120567

I found a folding fan in the gift shop in Japan. It's perfect for fanning away those flashes I get! The sales associate was fun – she asked if I wanted my name written in Japanese on the fan. I loved that idea! But, I asked her if she was SURE she was writing my name – I didn't want anyone laughing at me when I used the fan!. She laughed and thought that was funny. So, I sure hope that's what it says. :)

There was a koi pond just outside the entrance to Japan. These fish were huge! Some of them had been there for 30 years – since EPCOT's inception.


After Japan, we found ourselves at The American Adventure. There is an 30 minute presentation “hosted” by Benjamin Franklin and Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain. The animatronics are just fabulous.

The American Adventure P1120577

This presentation never fails to bring me to tears. I love our country and all that it strives to be.

Our last country for the day was Italy. As we watched, a street performer showed off his juggling skills.

P1120589 P1120587

Throughout the park, the landscaping is just beautiful.

Gorgeous flowers everywhere P1120597

We took a boat across the lagoon to get back to Future World so Dan, Debbie & Randy could get to Soarin'. I made myself comfortable in a waiting area while they enjoyed the ride. When they were done, they said it was great. So glad for them. My vertigo sure couldn't have handled it. :)

We made our way back to the campground via monorail and boat. The weather has been so gorgeous we've been taking boat rides whenever we can.

Back home, Dan & Debbie made dinner for us. While they were doing that, I took some aspirin and rested for a bit in my lounge chair. I was hurting from all that walking!

We had a great meal, got cleaned up, and started the trek back to EPCOT for its Illuminations presentation.

WOW!! What a show – lasers and fireworks. I hate that my camera doesn't take very good night pictures because this was a magnificent display. It last almost 30 minutes. That's a darn good show!

Along with just a few other folks (she writes sarcastically), we made our way to the buses once the show was over. We did pretty good, though. We were home in an hour. That's not so bad considering the wait for the first bus and then for the transfer. This transportation system is fantastic.

Another great day. We are so grateful to have this time with Dan & Debbie.

Dan & Deb

They are great friends and we vacation very well together. Such fun. ;)

And it’s “Part I” because we’ll be going back to EPCOT with the kids. It’s always different seeing it through a kid’s eyes.

Tomorrow is gonna be GREAT!! I cannot wait to see Reagan – oh, and her parents, too! :) We'll pick them up at the airport and then head to Downtown Disney for Reagan's Princess Makeover. Can't wait to see that! And then, it'll be GAME ON!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Looks lie you are having a great time, why is it that colds and such pop up when you are doing a special event?