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Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Warm-up is on the Way!

At least that's what the weather forecast promises. Guess we'll see . . .

The weekend, as expected, has been a lazy one.

Yesterday was very chilly, with temps only getting into the mid 40s. Brrrrrrrrrrrr We stayed in and watched westerns (I love satellite TV!), napped, and I cross stitched while Randy computered. I made a late breakfast of sausage and biscuits that were very yummy. I took a short walk around the park just to stretch my legs. For dinner I made green bean casserole with ham.

Today we saw bright sunshine which warmed us up to the mid 50s. It's funny how warm that felt! Of course having the sun shining on the rig without any clouds sure helped. Again, we spent the morning watching the news (same old thing, different day) and on our computers. While I did the laundry, Randy cleaned up around the rig.

This afternoon I went up to the jam session at the clubhouse hoping to get the rust off my fingers by playing my dulcimer for a bit. It's been six months since I've touched it! I was a bit disappointed. The “jam session” really was a few folks playing music for those who gathered to listen. There were microphones set up and everything! The only resemblance to a jam session was that there was no organized playlist. I chorded along with them, but didn't know any of the songs. They were so welcoming and pleasant to me, inviting me to play songs I knew. I played a couple, but they either didn't know the song or it wasn't in a key they were used to. I stayed for a bit and enjoyed the music, but left early.

We had a yummy, tummy-satisfying dinner of homemade broccoli & cheese soup (made in the crockpot) and freshly baked bread. I am so impressed with myself!! :) This eating-at-home thing isn't so bad when you've got the ingredients to work with.

Tomorrow we're planning to take a walking tour around Knoxville. We really like self-guided walking tours 'cause we can just set our own pace, meandering along as we choose. Hopefully, I'll have some pictures to share!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. That broccoli and cheese soup sure sounds good. I have never made it, but buy it sometimes. I also like the potato and broccoli.