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Monday, November 01, 2010

All Ready to Go!

First thing this morning – and I mean FIRST thing since I was up at 4:45! - I updated our finances with the first-of-the-month deposits and expenses. With that out of the way, I was ready to hit the bank and do the monthly grocery shopping.

After Randy aired up the tires on the RV (apparently this needs to be done early in the morning) to ensure they were ready for traveling tomorrow, we headed out the door a little after 9am.

The bank was the first stop. Gotta get the cash to go to the grocery. Then, it was on to Dollar Tree and WalMart. We have started going to Dollar Tree to pick up generic items. It finally sank in that, hey! everything's a dollar there! And if we don't care if it's a brand name item, why not buy it there where it's cheaper? :) Yeah, not much gets by us.

We didn't find a lot on our list at Dollar Tree, so it was on to Walmart to spend the big bucks. And spend we did. As others have noted, items are getting smaller while the costs are getting bigger. Sheesh. But, we prevailed and $325 later, we walked out the door.

On the way home Randy & I talked about doing the grocery shopping on a bi-weekly basis instead of monthly. We began to do it monthly when we started getting paid once a month. It was a good way to budget our funds in the checking account. However, we recently started getting the grocery budget in cash, so it wouldn't mess with our checking account to shop biweekly. It might not make sense on paper, after all, the grocery budget is the grocery budget whether it's in the checking account or in cash, right? But, this is the way my mind works – or doesn't. :) So, whatever works, that's what we'll do!

Anyway, we got home and proceeded with the worst chore of grocery day – putting it all away. I hate that more than I hate the shopping. And I hate shopping!!! It takes us close to an hour to get it all done, what with actual storage of items and separating meat/chicken bought in bulk. But, we are a great team and we make it go quickly.

This afternoon Randy did some of the outside chores to get us ready to leave tomorrow. I sat in my recliner inside. Now, we're both in our recliners waiting for Kevin to get home with pizza. We'll spend the evening with him before saying our good-byes tonight.

Headed southeast tomorrow!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Did you buy an extra freezer for your RV? I don't think I could store enough meat for a month in my side by side. I like the idea of only shopping once a month though.