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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day of fun at Dutch Wonderland

The only thing on today's agenda was FUN. We are fortunate to have a couple of great amusement parks within 45 to 60 minutes of us. Hershey Park is one of them and Dutch Wonderland is another. Dutch Wonderland is the perfect park for the under 10 group. There are few rides that are off limits to the little kids. And the park is small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed trying to “do it all.”

Day at Dutch Wonderland

Since Randy & I had never been to Dutch Wonderland, Reagan had put it on her Things to Do This Summer with Pop and Nana list. And yes, she really has one, a written down list. I've seen it. Of course we are ready to do whatever she wants us to do. Isn't that what grandparents are for?

C’mon, Nana!!C'mon, Nana!

We had a blast. It is a great park. Randy, Lindsay and I took turns going on the rides with Reagan. There were a few she did on her own, but most were two people rides and that was fine. Lins was smart and had us take a picnic lunch. That was nice for a couple of reasons; it helped the budget (these parks charge horrendous prices for food and drinks!) and it gave us some down time.

It was a perfect day to spend at an amusement park. The temps were in the 70s and it was overcast much of the day. It was a little muggy, but with the temps so low, it wasn't stifling. This park also has lots of shade which is nice, too. There are many benches throughout the park and that sure helps these old folks. :)

I took over 100 pictures today! Don't be scared – I'm not going to post all of them. :) I will share a few that show how much fun we had. If you really need to see the rest, take a look at our Webshots site.

Reagan & Pop P1110857 P1110863 P1110889 P1110896 P1110922 P1110959 P1110960

If you find yourself in the Lancaster, PA area, and you have some kids with you, be sure to stop in at Dutch Wonderland. All of you will enjoy it!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Lindsay9:01 PM

    Cute way to do the pics!

  2. Thanks, girlie! I'm experimenting. Our friends, Darrell & Judy did their pics that way and I really liked it. Not sure why there's a green space behind the tilted ones, though; gotta research that.

  3. What a great park. I will certainly keep it mind for a future trip with the little ones.

    Great time, great memories. I just love those times I spend with the kids.

  4. Grand kids make life exciting and interesting. Love that biggggg smile on the little girl - that's what we live for!!

  5. What fun!! Sounds like a great place for the family to go and enjoy! Reagan sure looked like she was having a grand time. I just can't wait...but alas, I think I will have to.

    Mike & Gerri