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Monday, June 14, 2010

Shopping - Yeah I Can't Believe It, Either

No blog yesterday 'cause there wasn't much to share. We went to church, came home and vegged, then watched Reagan in the evening while Jason & Lins went to a seminar at church. See? Not much.

Today I had planned to go to Curves, come home and cross stitch, then probably have dinner with Lins & Reagan since Jason would be out of town for the night. Well, you know how plans go . . .

I did go to Curves. I did come home. And that's where the plans changed. Drastically.

While I was doing my usual after-Curves/shower morning routine of coffee and computer, Lins texted me asking if I wanted to get started on my Christmas shopping today. See, I decided I wanted to get it done while I was here this summer because of a couple of stores that are here. Anyway, the truthful answer to Lins' question was “No, not really.” I hate shopping!!

Randy had also mentioned that today would be a good day to go to the Apple Store to have my phone looked at. I've been having problems for a couple of months with missing calls and texts because the phone would not notify me by ringing. And yes, I had all the settings correct for those notifications! :)

So, the upshot of all is this is that we did go shopping. Well, not as much shopping as waiting in a store. In order to have your device looked at in an Apple Store, you have to have an appointment. Okay . . . so I made an appointment for 12:40 which gave us about 40 minutes to walk around the mall a bit. It was also lunchtime, so Randy & the girls went to the Food Court while I went back to the Apple Store to wait.

I was seen by Austin, one of the associates, and he had to run some diagnostics on the phone. Thank goodness, it failed! :) I figured it would work perfectly since it was “in the shop.” So, Austin had to determine if it was a software or a hardware problem. After more diagnostics and almost an hour, it was determined that the problem was hardware, so I left with a new phone! Austin was very personable and it was an enjoyable experience. But, boy is that one busy store!!

I did get Lindsay's birthday present and a couple of pairs of capris for me, so I guess I got a little shopping done. But, no Christmas presents! Oh, well. I'll get it done before November. :)

I do have to make an observation, though. During my hour at the Apple Store, I was subjected to two different customers who were unhappy with what they found out from the associates working with them. In their disgust/disappointment/anger, they resorted to cursing. Why? Why do people have to do that? In one case, the man had his wife and toddler with him. Nice role model, huh? Now, don't get me wrong – I definitely understand being frustrated or angry with sales associates, but come on! Have we lost the ability to articulate our feelings so much that we have to resort to cursing in public? I am no prude and have been known to use let loose with an expletive or two, but I don't think I have ever done it in a public setting or in order to make my feelings known to a retail employee. It's a shame that society has been so desensitized that no one finds this rude.

Okay. End of sermon, er, I mean, observation.

Hope your week is off to a good start! Until the next time . . .


  1. Good observation! If you really want to observe ignorant futility - hang out in an airport and watch people go off on airport gate attendants when their flight gets delayed or cancelled.

  2. It's the old "squeaky wheel gets the grease" thing. These people curse and carry on because they know that if they make enough fuss, they'll get their way.


  3. Isn't the Apple Store amazing? Sorry you didn't get your Christmas shopping done. Maybe we can do some of that in Maine.

  4. Good !@#!#@ observation. I just don't see why some &%$#@! people have to be so (^%$!@# ignorant. It's ashame that they can't express their &%$#*@! feelings without resulting to #$%@!&% language.

  5. mary slater2:35 PM

    try working in retail! I know exactly what you mean-you wouldnt believe what I see and how people act in front of toddlers and all-and yes the apple store is amazing, its the same over here when Anna has gone to have her Iphone fixed or replaced.