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Monday, June 07, 2010

UTZ Chips Factory Tour

We survived another Reagan sleepover yesterday. :) Actually, she is quite good; listens to us and sleeps like a rock. She just has more energy than Randy & I combined and I am tired the day after. I call it a “Reagan hangover.” :) But, it's the best kind of tired 'cause I love being with her and watching her enjoy life.

After going to church and lunch after with the kids, Randy & I headed home for some down time. We were on duty again last evening for a couple of hours while Jason & Lins went to church for the Dave Ramsey financial course they've been taking. When they got home, Reagan was in bed so the four of us enjoyed the cool evening out on their deck for awhile. Armed with a glass of wine, it was a nice way to end the weekend. I am so grateful our kids enjoy our company 'cause we sure do enjoy theirs!

This morning I got myself up and moving early – I even set the alarm, but woke up before it went off. I want desperately to get myself back in a routine of having a quiet time first thing in the morning. I've gotten very much out of that and miss it. I find my attitude slides when I don't spend time with God. Anyway, after my quiet time I went to Curves and worked up a good sweat. I'm back to 2.5 times around the circuit, so I'm getting there!

Once home I got my shower and breakfast and Randy & I went out the door. We had an adventure to get to! :) We were going on a factory tour of UTZ Potato Chips with Lindsay & Reagan. The York, PA area is known as the “factory tour capital.” You can take factory tours of snack foods, motorcycles, candy, and more. This is the first time we've taken advantage of one.

Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed in the factory, so I just snapped a few outside. The tour is self-guided as you walk along a hallway and watch the process through windows. Reagan really enjoyed herself and we adults did, too! We got to see the potatoes washed, peeled, sliced, seasoned, bagged and boxed. We saw plain chips, cheddar and sour cream chips, and crab chips processed. At the end of the tour, each person is given a snack bag of chips. What a deal! :) Of course, you are encouraged to go to their outlet store to get some goodies. And we did.

P1110799 P1110793 P1110794 P1110795 P1110796 P1110801 P1110802 P1110800

From the beginning of the tour to leaving the store, it only took about an hour. But, that was a perfect amount of time when you have an active almost-five year old. We got some lunch and headed home.

After we left Lindsay and Reagan at their house, we made a stop of Lowe's for a piece of plexiglass. We have a beautiful stained glass window to install in our door but Randy wants to put a piece of plexiglass in front of it to protect it. We've had the stained glass window since we left Alabama and we finally got the plexiglass today. So now Randy needs to install it. :) Once we do, I'll take pictures to share with you.

Once we got home, I heard my lounge chair calling me. So I went outside and got comfy. The weather has been absolutely GORGEOUS today – temps in the 70s and no humidity. My kinda outside weather. Well, I took a book to read, but all I saw for about a half hour was the inside of my eyelids! :) Soon it got too chilly to sit outside in the shade, so I reluctantly came inside.

The rest of the afternoon/evening has been our usual; watching TV and computering. I made spinach quesadillas for dinner and now we're settled for the night.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I love Utz potato chips...grew up on 'em!