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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Friday, Saturday & A Sleepover

Friday was a fairly lazy day. We had nothing on the calendar and were content to keep it that way. :) We were just lazing around, watching TV and doing a whole lotta nothing when Barry and Penny said they were going to to the store. Well, we had talked about going to Bed Bath & Beyond to look for an oven stone, so the four of us decided to go together.

No stone, but we managed to pick up a few other things we couldn't live without. :) Barry & Penny's wallet was a little lighter when they got home, too. We also stopped for lunch at Isaac's, a favorite lunch stop for us.

Once we were home, it was back into the muumuu for me and both of us were in our recliners in no time! :)

Today started out slow as well. We were conserving our energy 'cause Reagan was coming over later. I did rally myself long enough to go out and get a mani/pedi. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Reagan came over about 5pm.

P1110761 Randy grilled hot dogs for dinner, then he started a fire so we could roast marshmallows. Reagan was looking forward to that. Man, I forgot just how sweet marshmallows are!! And Reagan found out she really doesn't like roasted ones, just a wave or two through the fire and she's happy. :) I didn't care how she ate them, I just loved watching her have fun.

P1110763 P1110764 P1110768 The campground was hosting another band tonight and we were hoping to get Reagan up there for a little while. It was not to be. Just as we were finishing the marshmallows, it began to spit rain. We stayed out for awhile longer and Reagan rode her bike up and down the lane. The rain drizzled a bit harder so we decided to bag going up to see the band. Reagan was a bit disappointed, but she took it well. We explained that sitting in the rain was no fun.

P1110776 P1110777 P1110780 Instead she got a bath and played for awhile. Then, it was snuggling/quiet time. And now, she is tucked away in bed on Pop's side. :) The joy of grandparenting is unparalleled . . .

Until the next time . . .


  1. Randy & Terry,
    You guys are such great grandparents!! I can't wait....I hope I am still "young" enough to play. You all had a perfect evening with Reagan and I know she is making memories that will last her lifetime (and yours).

    Mike & Gerri

  2. Yep, It's all about Grand Daughters!!!