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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who Knew????

I wasn't going to post a blog entry today because there wasn't much happening. I was going to Curves then to Lindsay's to do laundry and Randy was staying home to clean inside and outside. So, I figured nothing was “blog worthy.” :) Boy, was I wrong!

I did go to Curves and I did go to Lindsay's to do laundry. So far, so good. Lins & I also wanted to go to A.C. Moore to pick up a couple of craft items.

I had never been to A.C. Moore and was looking forward to wandering the aisles. Little did I know that I would be treated to a sketch worthy of vaudeville! Let me explain . . .

Lindsay & I were looking through some clearance items and nearby was the kids' crafts section. Next thing Lins & I knew, Reagan had found several hats and she proceeded to morph into a different persona for each hat she put on. It was hilarious!! I wish I had video'd the whole thing. I couldn't believe she could switch gears so quickly. I'll try to share it with you through pictures.

A Little Soft Shoe (complete with a “thankyouverymuch” bow!)

A little soft shoe Thankyouverymuch

Now, Deep in the Jungle . . . a Jurassic Snake!

Deep in the jungle - jurassic snake!

Do NOT Cross This Line – It's Dangerous!

Dangerous job site

Cool Look for the Beach

Cool look for the beach



Who knew that a simple trip to A.C. Moore could bring such laughter?? Again, I wish you could have seen this live. If this girl doesn't hit the stage, it will be a shame.

Until the next time . . .


  1. It seems as though she might have inherited your quiet, reserve personality....I'm just saying! LOL

    She is adorable!!

  2. Like Grandma, like Grand Daughter! A chip off the old block!!!

  3. Lindsay4:32 PM

    Looks like people have you pegged, Mom!