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Monday, March 12, 2012

Busy Day

Waking up a few minutes before the alarm goes off is such a gift! I don't like having the alarm wake me, but it's a necessary evil. When I have to be somewhere, I like to have a couple of hours in the morning to do my routine – coffee, computer, breakfast, and now, exercise. So, I set an alarm. I also like the structure of getting up at the same time every day.

I know. I'm retired. But, I'm still me. And me likes a routine. (We've discussed this before, people!) :)

And I made good use of my time this morning. First thing, I got my coffee and have my devotional time. I have struggled on and off to find a good time for that. And it always comes back to first thing in the morning. So, I'm not gonna fight it anymore. 'Til the next time. :) About halfway through, Randy was up and moving about. He had to go to work today.

At 7am I started my workout. If you haven't tried Leslie Sansone's walking videos, you really should. It is a great workout. You're probably thinking, “Really? A walking video”? But, I'm telling you, it is a booger of a workout. I am soaking wet by the time I'm done. And I've seen more results in the last couple of months of doing this video than I have in the years I've been going to Curves. And you all know how much I tout Curves. I'm even thinking of giving up my Curves membership – that's how much I think of these videos!

Anyway, I digress. An hour later, I was done working out and Randy came back inside. :) He hung outside while I was exercising. It's got to be funny to see the RV from the outside while I'm exercising. I'm sure it's rockin'. (Insert RV rocking jokes here.)

After the workout, I made breakfast. It tasted so good, even better than usual. Hmmmm . . .

Randy went to work about 9am and carried the very full laundry basket down to the laundry for me. I followed not very long after. Over the next couple of hours, in between switching loads of laundry, I practiced the music for the Easter program and completed my Bible study for tomorrow. By 11:30am, the laundry was done and so was I!! :)

But, I had one more chore to do. The dreaded bathroom cleaning. But, it needed to be done and I was moving, so I figured I'd better do it before I sat down. If that happened, it would never get done! So, I did it.

Now, I could relax. By this time, Randy was home, too. We both hit the recliners and zoned on a little TV. We both ate some lunch, too. Around 4pm, I roused myself to go get a shower. I love a good shower – it makes me feel so good.

There's an RV group coming in later this week, so Richard & Andy have been busy getting the clubhouse ready for their use. That's Andy on the ladder.

Andy working on clubhouse lights

This evening we attended a casual dinner Andy & Alicia hosted for Forrest & Gail and Cole. They are leaving later this week, slowly heading north to other adventures.

Going away dinner

We have really enjoyed getting to know them and look forward to working with them again next winter.

Until the next time . . .


  1. I love Leslie! Great workouts!

  2. When that first picture was showing up in my reader I thought it was in the RV that Randy was working. I was thinking...Holy COW! That sucker is HUGE!

  3. Darrell7:30 AM

    Leslie's good except she giggles a lot. My aunt, who was a big woman, used to do aerobic exercises with the TV. She'd get moving so fast that the tires holding down the tarred paper on the roof of her mobile home would just start to bouncing.