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Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy, Not Busy, Busy, Not Busy . . .

That pretty much sums up my day. Knowing that we were going to have lots of folks come in today, I decided to get in a bit early. But, I still didn't make it in before the first of the club members arrived! I looked out the window about 9am and there was someone setting up on a site! I quickly called Alicia to see if she knew someone was there and, thankfully, she was in the office when the couple arrived. She was able to check them in and show them their site.

I was afraid they had just picked a site and started setting up! As full as we were going to be by day's end, we couldn't afford any glitches regarding site assignment. :)

So, I got myself dressed and down to the office, so I could relieve Alicia. She needed to get over to the clubhouse to finish readying it for the club's use.

And thus began a very long day. :)

I was busy for the first hour or so, then it quieted down. I was able to catch up on my computer work, which was nice. I don't work again until next Thursday, so I was glad to be up-to-date when I left today. Over the next few hours we had folks slowing coming in. Until about 2:30pm. The remainder of the club folks came in all at once! In the span of about 15 minutes, six or seven rigs came in. Every

And everyone was really great, though. Very patient as I registered each one. Within about 20 minutes, I had gotten everyone registered and Richard and Randy escorted them to their sites. And then?

Absolutely nothing. It was dead. No phone calls, even! And I had four more hours before quittin' time.

On the bright side, I made some progress on my cross stitch project.

Around 5:30, a couple of rigs came in from off the road. And with them, we had just three sites left! We were full, folks!

Finally, it was 6:45 and I could start cashing out. By 7:15, I was locking up and heading home. Whew. That was one long day. But, it's nice to see how full the park is.

Tomorrow neither Randy nor I work. I may not get out of my muumuu all day!

Until the next time . . .

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