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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Florida Weather

It's a little weird waking up to such dark mornings! I haven't blogged about changing to daylight saving time 'cause it really doesn't bother me like it seems to bother others. The only time it was a pain was when our kids were young and it messed with their sleep patterns. And I didn't understand that, either. But, twice a year, it took them a good week or more to settle in.

Day two of my new schedule went well. :) Since I had to be out the door about 9:45 for Bible Study, I only walked two miles this morning, but they were a fast two miles – just 22 minutes! I also got my devotional time in. So, I'm happy with how the morning schedule is shaping up.

While I was at Bible study, Randy was working hard around the campground. He's the lone ranger, now. :) Cole leaves tomorrow and Forrest leaves Thursday. He's gonna miss those guys. They've really gotten to be buddies.

After Bible Study, the group went out to lunch at Los Rancheros, the Mexican restaurant Randy & I have gone to a couple of times. It is really good food, for a great price. I had the best taco salad today that I've ever had. Yummy. I'm still not hungry and it's 6:40pm!

Tomorrow is a workday for me; just 10am to 5pm. I'm filling in for Alicia as she has some errands to take care of.

Oh, and the weather title? Well, when I left for Bible study, I needed my jacket. When I came out of the building at 11:20, the sun was blazing and it was HOT! Randy had the A/C on when I got home. :) And then this afternoon, we had a short rain shower. Now, the windows are open and it's cooler outside than inside. Interesting.

Until the next time . . .

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