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Monday, March 26, 2012

A Day in the Big City

Well, it's a big city compared to Bonifay. :) Darrell & Judy and Randy & I got ourselves out the door and into our truck a little before 8:30 this morning and headed north to Dothan, AL.

We had a couple of reasons for taking the 50 minute drive. First and foremost was breakfast. Sure, we could go out to breakfast here in Bonifay; there are a couple of restaurants Randy & I have patronized. But, Darrell & Judy are here! So, Cracker Barrel was calling to us. And the nearest CB to us is in Dothan.

Another reason for the drive was to get Randy a new phone as his had finally died. It no longer holds a charge. How terrible! He's only had this phone for five years!! :) So, we needed to get to an AT&T store. And the nearest one? Yep! In Dothan.

We had a very yummy breakfast – is there any other kind at Cracker Barrell? (No comments from you, Deb Kendall!!) After which, we made our way to Best Buy.

WAIT! Best Buy?? That wasn't one of the reasons for the drive to Dothan! Well, we decided to check out cameras while we were in the big city, too. My camera has had issues for awhile and I've been putting off buying a new one. Well, with the tax refund, I didn't need to put it off any longer! And we found a little Fuji point-and-shoot camera with memory card and case for about $130. I'm happy with that. I don't need a fancy camera. I take pictures for us and to share on the blog. That's it.

So, from Best Buy we headed to the AT&T store. It's conveniently located next door to Camping World. Isn't that nice. D & J did go into AT&T with us to do some info gathering for the future, but then they wandered over to Camping World while we bought Randy's new phone. I wish you could have seen the looks on the faces of the AT&T sales associates when they saw the phone Randy was using, a flip Nokia. And then I introduced them to my husband, the dinosaur. :)

We had a very helpful associate who showed Randy his options. All he wanted was a phone that makes and receives calls. That's it. And that's almost what he got. And it was free. He left a happy guy. And that's what I always want, my guy to be happy.

With the phone purchase completed, we walked over to Camping World to meet up with D & J. They were done wandering around, so we just checked out a couple of the Heartland 5th wheels that were on the lot and then we were ready to head for home.

Once we got back to the park, Darrell & Judy went back to their rig to relax for the afternoon and we settled in at ours. I laid outside in my lounger for an hour or so while Randy checked his email inside.

About 4:15 the four of us gathered at our place for dinner. A pork roast had been cooking in the crockpot all day, so we had that with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. Judy contributed some delicious cantaloupe to round out the meal.

After dinner, we sat outside chatting and letting dinner settle until the bugs finally drove us inside to our respective homes. Another good day had come to an end.

Tomorrow Darrell & Judy will hitch up and head west back home to Rainbow Plantation. We'll hug each other and say our “see ya laters.” It's been a good visit, as always. We'll be keeping up with each via our blogs, FaceBook, email and phone.

And hopefully in November, we'll be traveling to Savannah & Charleston together. That's the plan. And it's a good one. We're praying we can put it into action. Ya never know what's coming, though!

Life gets back to normal tomorrow. Whatever that is! Until the next time . . .


  1. Glad to see ya'll had a great time with D&J. It's hard not to have fun with those two!

  2. Hmmmmm, 8:30, Cracker Barrel, & "great breakfast" do not belong all in the same sentence. IMHO...


  3. Seems you had at least two good meals today! And Randy got a new phone too - now that's a good day.