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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It’s Tuesday . . .

. . . and that means Randy went back to work and I went to Bible study.

But, first, I did get a four mile walk in with one of my Walk at Home videos. Can't tell you enough what a good workout I get from these videos. I've said this so much I think Leslie Sansone needs to hire me as a spokesperson! :)

And we said our good-byes to Darrell & Judy this morning, too. They hitched up and pulled out about 9:30. They had an easy two and a half hour drive back to the Plantation. And thankfully, they arrived safely.

Tomorrow is my Bible study leader, Belinda's, birthday so one of the members, Barbara, texted all of us to bring a card today so we could celebrate at our after-study lunch. Barbara also brought a cake to share. We surprised Belinda at lunch with the cake, cards and “Happy Birthday” song. And I was able to get a picture of us! That’s Belinda seated on the right.

FBC Bonifay Bible study group

This wonderful group of women have welcomed me to the group with open arms. I have enjoyed getting to know them and studying God's word with them these past couple of months.

When I got home about 1pm, Randy was still hard at work. He finally came home about an hour later. I was very lazy this afternoon, sitting in front of the TV in my recliner, trying to ignore the headache that wouldn't go away. Randy, however, was a worker bee. Even though he'd worked hard outside, he came home and continued to work, doing his “chores.” I am so very grateful for how well he takes care of me and our home!

Hope everyone is having a good week! Until the next time . . .

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