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Sunday, March 25, 2012

They’re Here!

Yesterday was a completely lazy day. It was fabulous – the weather, perfect. I sat outside much of the day just enjoying having nothing of importance to do. We had a yummy dinner of Chicken Caesar Florentine with rice about 1pm. And that was the most strenuous thing we did all day. :)

Last night we had a bonfire and outdoor movie here at the park. Randy and I sat by the bonfire, chatting with some other campers for a little while. Once the mosquitoes started using me as a snack, it was time to go inside.

This morning we went to church, as usual. When we got home, we opened up the rig to let all the gorgeous weather in. I found my way back to my lounger outside to soak up more of that weather, while Randy's recliner called to him. I also walked around the park to get some pictures.

Our siteFSRV Site 5 - late March

The park has become so pretty since the trees have begun to bud and get their leaves.

FSRV - late March FSRV3 - late March FSRV5 - late March FSRV4 - late March

We were on countdown to the Pattersons' arrival. They were on their way!

About 1:45pm, I was in the office chatting with Alicia when in walked Judy. They were here!! YAY!

We showed them to their site The Pattersons have arrived!

and chatted for a bit, then we left them to get settled in. And I went to get dinner started.

Once they were set up, Darrell and Judy came over and we settled outside to visit while dinner cooked.

D & J visit FSRV

As usual we had no trouble finding things to talk about. :) We were enjoying being outside so much, we ate dinner outside, too.

All too soon, it was time for me to leave for choir rehearsal. I was so torn. I wanted to stay and visit with D & J, but knew I needed to go to rehearsal. So, off I went.

When I got back a little more than an hour later, D & J made their way back over and soon we headed back out 'cause ice cream was calling to Darrell. The rest of us were quick to answer that call, too. McDonald's was the destination 'cause that's about the best place Bonifay has to offer for ice cream. No Dairy Queen or Bruster's here, unfortunately. But, we did okay for ourselves at Mickey D's.

Tomorrow the four of us are going into the big city of Dothan. :) We'll get some breakfast at CB and then we need to go to AT&T to pick up a new phone for Randy. His has finally died – he's only had it for about five years or more! We might even look for a new point-and-shoot camera. Ours is on its last legs. And since we've gotten our tax refund, why not spend a little of it!

Whatever happens, the four of us will spend lots of time laughing, I'm sure!

Until the next time . . .

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