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Thursday, March 22, 2012

It’s Nice to be Trusted

The morning routine seems to be working pretty good, so far at least. :) I like exercising in the morning so much better than in the evening. It took everything in me to do it then. So I have no excuse now. :)

I was back at work today after having a couple of days off. I worked an all day shift, while Randy worked his morning hours.

We have another group coming in tomorrow so I got in a bit early today to ensure that all the sites assigned were going to work. It never hurts to review! Well, halfway through the day, it didn't matter that I had done that 'cause I had to shuffle site assignments a couple of times as I got reservations for this weekend. Whew! Seemed like each time I reassigned a site, that I had to go through and do it again because we got another reservation! Such a great problem to have! Much better than looking at a bunch of empty sites.

We also had about five reservations for today, but by the time I closed at 7pm, nine more rigs had come in without reservations. Seems like folks are starting their spring moves. And that makes us happy!

And the reason for the post title? Andy & Alicia took off this afternoon for Dothan to run some errands. And it's nice to be trusted to run the office and make decisions in their absence. Richard, the park manager, was there as well. Together we kept things running smoothly. I'm so glad Andy & Alicia have the confidence in us to know that we will take good care of the park in their absence.

Tomorrow is gonna be crazy. About 14 rigs will be coming in, probably close together. But, I'd rather be busy than bored!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Keep in mind that Darrell and Judy will be arriving on Sunday for a two night stay :). They will require a lot of attention and pampering - breakfast in bed would be nice!!!