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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gypsy Journal Rally, Day 2

I am so proud of myself! I got up early this morning and went to the local Curves! And I met another woman there from the Rally. We're going to go together tomorrow morning. This Curves opens at 6:30am which is great! You can get in and out and have the entire morning available. I wish the one in York opened that early.

The Rally activities began this morning with coffee and doughnuts. Yum! Of course I rationalized the doughnuts because I'd exercised this morning. And I wonder why I don't lose weight! ;) We met Bob & Molly from the RV Dreams forum at coffee and doughnuts. There are several of us from that forum who are attending the Rally, but this is the first couple we've met. (Jenny J, we said hello for you!) Here's Judy & Darrell:

Anyway, Randy wanted to go to a seminar at 9am on electrical management systems, but there was no seminar I was interested in at that time. So, I came back to the rig, got my shower and then hung out with Judy until the next session began at 10:30. Before that seminar, we did walk around the vendor area to see what we could spend our money on. Lucky for our budget, there was nothing we wanted or needed.

The 10:30 seminar Randy & I went to was called "Back Roads History and Highway Mystery" hosted by Nick Russell.

It was pretty interesting as Nick told stories of little known folks, small towns, and other trivia. He and his wife, Terry, really enjoy traveling through those small towns and searching out the odd and unusual. I found the seminar to be a little long at 90 minutes, but I also like to be a little more engaged rather than just sitting and listening. But, I'm glad I went.

After a break for lunch, Randy went to another seminar on RV weight safety. I was done for the day as far as seminars go, so I hung out at the RV and played my dulcimer for about an hour. That's the first time I've played in a couple of months. I have been so lax in playing. Guess I need a group to hold me accountable. Anyway, Randy got back to the rig about an hour or so later and we had a quiet rest of the afternoon. I even took a nap.

Neither one of us was hungry for dinner (when was the last time THAT happened???), so we just went over to the door prize activity at 7pm. It looked like the Guilers were going to be skunked again, but our number was called for one of the last prizes for the night. We won chemicals for the black tank! YAY! :) What a deal. We also met up with another couple, Jon & Kathleen, from RV Dreams. It's great getting to put names to faces.

That was it for today. Tomorrow there'll be more seminars and the evening will be capped off with a pizza party. All of us RV Dreamers will be getting together for that. I'm sure there'll be lots of stories told and laughter shared.

Until the next time . . .

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