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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Starting the “get-ready-to-travel” Routine

I just realized that I didn't post last night! Good grief, I know I turned 50 this year, but does that mean my mind is going, too? I'm going to blame it on getting home from my folks' and spending time with the kids put me off, NOT my age! :)

We did go right to Lindsay's yesterday afternoon on the way home from my folks'. Reagan had her first day of preschool yesterday and I needed to hear all about it. Plus, we went out to dinner to celebrate her entry into the education world.

I swear Reagan grew up while we were gone. She had a cute little dress on that just made her seem so grown up. I can't stand it! She thoroughly enjoyed school and Lins said she'll be taking over the class soon if the teacher doesn't watch out! I'm just grateful that she had a great first day and loved it. It is so cool to watch your kids, now the grandkids, entering new stages of life.

Today both Randy & I had eye doctor appointments. We are in the process of changing all our doctors to this area and this was the last of them for this year. We really liked the doctor; he was very personable, chatty even. His staff was equally pleasant. I remarked to Randy that I felt the practice has a very "small town" feel to it. And that is a compliment. I got out of the office without needing new glasses, but Randy's prescription changed slightly enough to warrant a new pair. I do, however, get to have a special test done as I am "glaucoma suspect." I go through this all the time, but am grateful that the doctor is thorough and cautious.

It was grocery day, as well. Had to do our first-of-the-month grocery run. I always do a big grocery trip at the first of the month 'cause that's when we have the most money! :)

Finally, I made a hair appointment - finally!! It's getting out of control. One of our neighbors in the park has a daughter who is a hairstylist and owns her own shop. So, I'm gonna give her a try. I'm hoping I like it 'cause I hate trying to find a new hairstylist! Plus, her rates are very reasonable and that's not easy to find either.

That was it for today. So glad to be back home, sleeping in my own bed. Time is going to go by fast now for we leave in less than two weeks. Some of our full-timing friends are on the road already, making their ways south. Darrell & Judy, glad to hear you're safe in NH and enjoying the kids and g'kids!

Back to watching the Republican Convention. Can't wait to hear Governor Palin speak tonight. Should be interesting.

Until the next time . . .

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