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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Time with My Sister and Babysitting

As I said in my short post yesterday afternoon, Randy & I spent the last evening with my sister and bro-in-law, Paula & Lou. I really wanted to spend some time with Paula before we left, so we had intended to meet them for dinner (they live a little more than an hour and a half away from us) and enjoy an evening out. But, the more Paula & I talked about trying to eat out on a Friday night, the more we thought Randy & I would just drive to their house and we'd order in. I specifically told her she wasn't to cook! Paula and Lou still have to work and we didn't want them having to do anything extra for us after having worked all day.

Randy & I got to their house a little after 5pm and, sure enough, they were planning on cooking!! I knew it - my sister never listens to me! :) They grilled steaks, salmon and potatoes and we had corn on the cob and broccoli with cheese. YUMMY! I have to admit it was really nice not to be out in a restaurant. It was much more relaxing and we got to chat even more. After dinner, Lou set up the Wii and we had a blast bowling (I came in second!) and playing some of the other strange games that came with the system.

All too soon it was time to say good-bye. This is the toughest part of full-timing; leaving family and friends. And I have the privilege and joy of being able to call Paula my friend as well as my sister. Aren't I the lucky one!

This morning we got out the door to go over to Lindsay's because we are babysitting Reagan these next two days. This is Lindsay's birthday weekend (tomorrow is her b'day) and she's taking advantage of our being here to go away with Jason. And I'm so glad she did. Not only do we get to spend lots of time with Reagan, but I strongly believe parents need to get away from their kids and spend time together as husband and wife. So, even though the weather's lousy up here, I'm hoping they have a great time together.

We've been on "Reagan duty" since about 9:30 this morning. And at the risk of offending older parents out there - there's a reason young people have children!! Just put Reagan down for the night (it's 9:15) and I am a tired woman. My lower back is asking what the heck am I thinking?!!?!!? :) Reagan is one busy little girl; never stops. All morning she was playing Olympics - diving, swimming ("I am Michael Phelps!"), and of course, gymnastics. I was the audience. And there is always the need for me to get on the floor with her. I gotta say, I should sleep good tonight. :)

Hope you're safe and dry wherever you are. Hanna is making her way up the East Coast, so we've been wet and windy all day, but the sun's supposed to come out tomorrow (no, I'm not going to sing!).

Until the next time . . .

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