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Friday, September 19, 2008

We're in Kentucky!

We had a leisurely start to the morning. Because we had an appointment to get the rig weighed at 9:30, we didn't have to rush to get on the road. And, with having dumped the tanks yesterday, there wasn't much to do this morning. That was kinda nice. The really good news is that the rig is well under the weight capacity! That's very good, means we're not dragging around too much stuff and the stuff we have is well distributed. Now, I can tell my doctor next time I see her that I was underweight! :)

Once on the road, it was an easy drive. We had less than three hours to our destination of Big Bone Lick State Park in Union, Kentucky. That is a very short drive and it is so nice when we have those. The park's check in time is 2pm, sooooo since we were going to very early, we decided to spend some time at a Cracker Barrel on the way! :) This was our 55th CB since we hit the road. As usual, the food was too good and too much. But, we managed to do it justice. We are such troopers! :)

The state park is very easy to get to and it's less than 10 miles from our friends, Ray & Judy. Very convenient. However, to get to the camping area of the park, you have to go up a very steep grade. Even our truck chugged up that hill. The camping area is very nice, but our site is not level at all. We are set up, but the rig is still low on one side. We're gonna have to do it again, 'cause it's just too uneven. Ugh. That means pulling in the slides and all the stuff that goes with it. What a pain. Oh, well. There are worse things! The park is full this weekend - families everywhere. Should be an interesting weekend.

I wanted to share some pictures with you, but our internet connection is pretty slow here. Maybe I'll post some tomorrow from Ray & Judy's.

Tomorrow we'll go over to Ray & Judy's and spend the day catching up. I also get to do laundry. YAY! Actually, I am grateful that they are letting us use their washer and dryer. So much nicer to sit and chat with friends than going to the local laundramat. Although, this park does have a laundry room which surprised me. I didn't realize state parks would have them. Anyway, that's it for tonight. Judy says she's got lots of fun stuff planned for us, so I'll have stories for you as the week goes on.

Until the next time . . .

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