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Monday, September 07, 2009

Birthday Girlie

Today is our daughter, Lindsay's, 30th birthday. Obviously, she was born when I was very, very young. :) It truly was a pleasure raising her and she is a lovely young woman today. I like to think we were great parents, but Lindsay is just a fantastic person. I am privileged to be her mom.

This evening we went to a Japanese steak house for her birthday dinner. Those restaurants are such fun. Lindsay thought that Reagan would find it fascinating, but unfortunately, the first blaze of fire kind of freaked Reagan out, so she was a bit reluctant the rest of the evening. She did like the volcano made from a stack of onions, though!

We adults enjoyed the "show," and Lindsay was the only one who caught the tossed broccoli in her mouth! Everyone's meal was delicious and it was fun celebrating Lindsay.

Happy birthday, girlie!
You truly are loved.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Hannah had the same reaction to Japanese Steak House cooking. Maybe the age? Maybe the girl-factor because Christopher and his cousin Luke LOVED it!

  2. Linds6:18 AM

    Awww.... thanks for celebrating with me! Love you!