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Friday, September 11, 2009

Two More Days Down . . . and Remembering

Yesterday was an errand day; Lins, Reagan and I got haircuts and then did some shopping. Lindsay had gotten money and gift cards for her birthday and she really wanted to spend them! But, as happens all too often when one actually HAS money, she couldn't find a thing that appealed to her! Why, oh why, does that happen?!?!?!!

However, I did pick up a few more Christmas gifts. I don't usually do any Christmas shopping early. I prefer to do one huge shopping spree a few days before Christmas 'cause I spend less money that way. But, when you find a bargain, it's kinda hard to pass it up.

Last evening we went with Barry & Penny to the Dover Carnival. It is a very small carnival (like the town) and we didn't stay. Instead we got dinner at a local restaurant called Moonlight Cafe. Randy & I have talked about going there for the three years we've been coming here, but just never got there. So, last night was the night. It is a very small, like 10 or 12 tables small, place, but with great food. We all got something different and all of us were pleased with our meals. We'll go back, I'm sure.

Since I couldn't get the laundry done yesterday, today was the day. A little before 9am, off to Lindsay's I went. It was pretty quiet, 'cause Reagan was in school. Got the laundry done and was back home before 1pm. I couldn't lollygag at Lins' because I had to get home so I could get ready to go back out to dinner this afternoon.

We met Keith & Donna for dinner at Good 'n Plenty restaurant in Lancaster.

The symbol of Amish Country

We had first met them while attending the Escapade in Sedalia, MO back in May. They have been traveling up the East Coast and landed in Lancaster for a few days, so we made plans to meet. They also invited Chuck & Kathy who they had met in Kerrville last March. It was fun getting to know them, too.

Front to back: Kathy, me, Donna; Keith, Randy, Chuck

We had a wonderful meal, family style: roast beef, fish, fried chicken, corn, mashed potatoes w/gravy, and more. Plus dessert!! And while eating, we shared stories as RVers do. We even had a young couple at the table with us who were quite fascinated with our lifestyle. Of course, we totally enjoyed telling them all about it!

A couple of hours, armed with some of Donna's famous brownies, we said our "see ya down the roads" and headed for home. Just another great encounter with fantastic folks we have met while traveling. Gotta say, it's the best thing about this life!

Of course, I cannot allow this posting to end without acknowledging the anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy. All of us remember where we were when we first found out about the plane crashes. All of remember how we felt. And all of us remember not knowing what would happen next. But, most of all, all of us remember the
UNITY we felt as a nation - in our fear, in our outrage, and in our love for each other. That needs to be the legacy of this tragedy: we are ONE nation, bound together, under God, with one purpose - to be the best we can be. Can all of us remember that?

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I love what your closing remarks said about our remembering 9/11. The word UNITY was the key back then. Its ashame we have drifted from that today. How soon we forget.