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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Last Day in PA

Didn't make it to Curves this morning - after a really rough night with sleep not coming until close to 3am, I just decided to turn off the alarm and sleep until I woke up on my own. Not sure if that was the best idea as I woke with a headache. Ugh. Can't win these last few days. I'm sure the return of humid weather has been a contributing factor to the headaches.

Anyway, I spent the morning drinking coffee, computer reading, and continuing the getting-ready-to-travel chores. Randy was outside putting the hitch in the bed of the truck and doing the various other things he does to the truck to get it ready. He's also stored everything away that has been sitting out while we've been here.

This afternoon we gathered our laundry together and headed over to Jason & Lindsay's to spend the rest of the day. Randy took a nap there and I played with Reagan. In between the laundry got finished, we had a delicious dinner Lindsay prepared and we went out for ice cream. Not a bad way to spend our last day together for 3 months.

Eight o'clock came and it was time for Reagan to go to bed. That seemed to be a good time for us to say our good-byes. As usual, I didn't want to stop hugging the kids. It is so hard to drive away, but we did with the usual tears in my eyes. Three months seems like a long time right now.

Until the next time . . .

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