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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fun Day for Me; Randy, Not So Much

Made it to Curves for a second day in row - YAY me! :) And I am feelin' it, too. My body is screaming at me for not going for 10 days!!

Back home, I finished reading my blogs for the morning and hit the shower. I had a lunch date with my girls; I was meeting Lindsay and Reagan after Reagan's four-year-old doctor's appointment. Then I planned to get a mani/pedi. A very good day for me!

Randy had work ahead of him. He is such a great guy. Today was taking-down-the-screen-room day. He hates this day. :) The screen room is my "baby." I love having the screen room up for a couple of reasons. One, it gives us an extra room of sorts. And, two, I can be outside without dealing with the lovely bugs of summer! Randy, while enjoying the bennies of a screen room, could do without it easily. And the putting up and taking down of it can be a pain. But, he does it for me.

So while I was off lunching and getting pampered, Randy was working hard. Am I one lucky woman or what? And I do appreciate him and I do tell him that.

Not much else to share for the rest of our day. We had a new bean dip recipe for dinner. Lins had made this for us this summer and it's really tasty. Now, it's kicking back and watching some TV.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. We went to last years show and saw a lot of RVs and I remember the Blue Ox and Freightliner chassis display and peaked our attention.