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Monday, September 14, 2009

Doctor's Appointments

Yep, today was a doctor's appointments day. First, though, I did get to Curves and workout. I am determined to get back into that routine this week.

First doctor's office on the agenda was the eye doctor. I had to go back to have my eye pressure checked since it was high last week at my annual check up. I was hoping to also pick up my new cool glasses, but they were ready yet. *sigh*

Anyway, unfortunately, the pressure is still up and the doctor is a bit concerned. So, I have an appointment on Thursday to have a couple of eye tests done. After the results of those tests are received, the doc will decide whether or not I need to start using eyedrops to forego glaucoma. Ah, one more thing to take! :) We'll see what happens.

The second doctor's visit was to our primary care doc. Or I call her, our GP. Remember that term? GP - general practitioner. Don't hear that much anymore. Showing my age, huh? :)

This appointment was just to get our blood pressure checked. Since we take BP meds, when we are here, we have to have our BP checked every 3 months. It's kind of a pain 'cause we walk in, get the pressure checked and out the door in about 10 minutes and $50 later. But, I guess it's better than not having it checked and something go wrong. I also got a skin tag removed.

Done with the doctors we headed home for the day. After grabbing something to eat, I promptly fell sound asleep for the next couple of hours!! I couldn't believe it - when I woke up it was 6:10! I don't usually sleep like that; guess I was tired. Probably won't sleep tonight, now!

That was our exciting day. :) Not much on the calendar for tomorrow. Randy is going to start the "getting-ready-to-travel" chores; the first being taking down the screen room. That's always sad for me. I love the screen room! But, it's a necessary chore to move on.

Hope your week is looking good! Until the next time . . .


  1. we are alson a high blood pressure medication, but we have a wrist blood pressur monitor that we use. Lots cheaper, and it really does work. Either than or stop at any fire station and have it checked Phyllis,one of your blog followers

  2. Wow, well I hope the preventative care pays off!!! I know what a GP is so you can't be THAT old!!!