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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Another Weekend Wraps Up

We sure have gotten relaxing down to an art! ;) And this great weather is very conducive to sitting and enjoying the sunshine.

Yesterday I did start my morning early as I do most Saturdays – at the laundry room by 6:45am. While I am not thrilled at moving that early, I do like getting my laundry over and done with before everyone else starts jockeying for position. :)

I even brought breakfast home to Randy, in the form of sausage biscuits made by Larry at the clubhouse. I am such a domestic goddess!! :)

The rest of Saturday was spent with the door and windows wide open and sitting in our recliners. I was cross stitching all day and Randy was beside me watching TV.

Darrell & Judy stopped by for a visit. Then, Randy put pork chops on the grill for our dinner. Darrell came back and put their burgers on the grill for their dinner. :) Love sharing with our neighbors!!

Sunday morning came a bit earlier than usual – about an hour earlier!! :) And boy was it dark when I work up at 6:30ish. Then I remembered why; daylight savings time! We had remembered to turn the clocks forward. I personally love DST. My feeling is the more daylight the better. I know there are mixed reviews out there, but in our house, we are fans.

Of course we spent our morning at church and then lunch out with Jim & Susan. Another friend, Robbin, joined us today. As always, we filled our bellies with good food and our hearts with good friends.

It was naptime when we got home. We turned on the TV and promptly fell asleep. Isn't that what Sunday afternoons are for?

Spent about an hour over at the clubhouse this evening at the weekly Ice Cream Social. Got caught up on what's going on in the park. Darrell & Judy walked back to the RV with us and we chatted a bit.

Now, it's time to settle in for the night. Since we got the truck back, we'll be getting into our normal routine tomorrow. I'll be going to Curves (can you believe I've actually missed it????) and Randy's gonna be cleaning.

We'll see what other mischief we can get into as the week goes on. ;)

Continuing to pray for the people of Japan . . .


  1. Yup - that's it ... "Domestic Goddess."

  2. Anonymous5:04 AM

    Posts like this inspire me! Sounds like the perfect way to spend the weekend. I too am the kind of "domestic goddess" you describe, which for me involves a drive-thru window. I love DST too, the more sunshine the better as far as I am concerned.