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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Weekend Update

Other than going to the clubhouse yesterday morning for breakfast, we never left the RV all day. The weather was so dang U G L Y, we just hunkered down in the RV and vegged. I did get a lot of cross stitching done.

My cross stitch project is a surprise for our new grandbaby who is joining our family in late summer! Kevin and his girlfriend (soon-to-be wife), Samantha, are expecting their first little one. So, Nana is on the job, making a special something just for him/her. YAY.

So, bad weather is good for me in that I got lots accomplished on my project!

This morning we woke to a damp, chilly morning. Pat had offered to drive us to church, which was so kind of her because her church is in the opposite direction of ours! But, this morning she knocked on our door and handed me the keys – she was so sick! I felt so bad for her, but was so grateful for the friendship we have that she just handed us the keys to her car, telling us to take the car. Do we have fabulous friends, or what!

After church we had lunch with Jim & Susan at Magnolia Blossom Cafe. It's another local restaurant that serves a buffet meal. Randy & I had been there before for breakfast, but this was our first time for dinner. It was pretty good. I think I prefer Mama Lou's as they have a few more items on the buffet, but Magnolia Blossom is a couple dollars less expensive, so it evens out.

When we came outside after we ate, the sun was shining in a blue sky! What a nice surprise. :) The air was still a bit chilly, but the sunshine was wonderful.

We spent the afternoon watching an Indiana Jones movie. Well, Randy watched it; I was cross stitching and listening more than watching.

About 4:45, Darrell & Judy came by and the four of us walked to the clubhouse for the weekly ice cream social. Of course, this evening was filled with Mardi Gras skits at which we laughed uproariously – even if they were that funny. Just being there is a good time! We all agreed it doesn't take much to amuse us.

Tomorrow is the park's Mardi Gras parade. That's always fun. Folks decorate golf carts, cars, themselves, etc. You never know what you're going to see. And then, we'll come together at the clubhouse for a lunch of pulled pork sandwiches and fixin's. Yep, we do know how to have a good time!


  1. Sounds like a nice lazy day. Be sure you take lots of pictures of that parade tomorrow! Can't wait to see the fun.

  2. Yes, Rainbow does know how to have fun!! Wish we could have been there this year.

    That is going to be one very loved and special baby!! She is so lucky to have such a loving family. :-)