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Friday, March 11, 2011

Yesterday and Today

The weather was not a factor in our laziness yesterday. :) We just didn't feel like doing anything! Usually Thursdays mean music in our house. But, with having no vehicle and feeling lazy, we didn't go to music.

We have fabulous friends and they have been great in offering us rides or, in Dick & Pat's case, their car! But, Randy & I just didn't feel the need to take folks up on their offers. I did use Dick & Pat's car when I had to run a couple errands that couldn't wait, but otherwise? We've been very content at home these past 10 days.

Isn't that one of the perks of retirement? You don't have to be anywhere.

And I have made great progress on my cross stitch project! ;)

Today we went to breakfast at Foley Coffee Shop with Darrell & Judy. Afterward we stopped at WalMart and Camping World. Then, we drove through Silverhill to check out the damage from Wednesday's tornado.

I have never seen tornado damage in person AND this was an area in which people I care about live!! Folks were out in their yards cleaning up. Contractors were hard at work at homes with damage and in yards where trees were uprooted and shrubs torn apart. Thank God the destruction wasn't worse.

This afternoon we got our truck back!! YAY. Randy said yesterday he was starting to go through withdrawal 'cause he was missing his truck so badly. :) It looks perfect; like nothing ever happened. And as Dick, that's the way it's supposed to look! Folks, if you're ever down here in Lower Alabama and need the services of a body shop, we highly recommend Freeman Collision in Foley. Chason, our contact, worked tirelessly at finding the right parts for the truck as well as dealing with the insurance company. We are very pleased not only with the work that was done, but the customer service we received.

We ended our day with an hour of gospel singing at the clubhouse. One of the residents of the park, Odell Smith, is a marvelous vocalist who has used this gift to share his love of Jesus. This is a ministry for him and he does it well. Totally enjoyed it. Darrell & Judy were there, too, and I remarked to Judy that we didn't need church this week 'cause we had just worshiped!

A good couple of days and a good start to the weekend. Until the next time . . .


  1. Congratulations on getting the Truck back! Glad to hear it looks just like new.

  2. Glad you got your truck back. We would be absolutely lost without ours. I'm use to going when I want and not having to wait, but I am sure your friends were a big help to you. RVers are the best people... :)

  3. Guess sometimes we don't understand the hows of them natural destructions fitting into God's plan, which why He is who He is and we is who we is.

    Glad to see there's folks like you who don't look to others first unlike that one feller does. The one who's always a braggin' and a smiley facin' how he got some freebie off'n one of his blog followers.

    I.M. enjoying yer blog.