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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Today is the first day we are going to be without a vehicle for about a week or so. Darrell followed Randy to the shop this morning about 7:30 and then brought Randy home. Thanks, Darrell!

Was up pretty early this morning, but with NO headache. YAY! I took advantage of the extra quiet time and did some Bible study homework and spent some time in prayer. Just needed to my gratitude to God for the way He constantly provides for my family and for His grace and mercy. Was a good way to spend the first hour of my morning. :)

Once Randy was back home, we just enjoyed having nowhere to be. There is an upside to having no vehicle – you have an excuse to drop out of things for a bit. :) I cross stitched for a few hours while we watched TV.

This afternoon I had a practice with the Ramblers, the group with which I've been playing the nursing home gigs. I just found out about this practice late yesterday afternoon. Since I knew I wouldn't have a vehicle, and Bob & Pam weren't going, I called another couple, Larry & Debbie, to ask if they would be able to pick me up. Being the nice folks they are, they said they'd do it.

So I spent a couple of hours playing music this afternoon. We meet at Ray & Elaine's house in Orange Beach. Today's weather was so nice, we set up outside by Wolf Bay. It was fabulous being outside, by the water, playing music. :)

While I was gone, Randy did his normal thing – watching TV and computering. My husband sure is a wild man, isn't he? :) And I wouldn't have him any other way.

Yeah, dependence. It's not always easy to be dependent on others. But, Randy & I are very fortunate to have folks who are willing to help us get from one place to another. That's one of the things I was talking to God about this morning, being grateful for the people He has brought into our lives. We are rich beyond measure.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. That is so true. Our RV park is like a little community. RV life is great.