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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Good Weekend

Friday was another low key day. Just hung around the RV, doing our normal thang. :) In the evening we went to Jim & Susan's for a prayer meeting. This past week has been a week of prayer for the Covenant Church. We had ten people at Jim & Susan's and it was a good night of sharing God's Word and praying together.

Saturday morning dawned humid and overcast. So, of course I woke up with a nasty headache. Ugh. But, I persevered and got the laundry done and out of the way.

Later in the morning, Judy & I took rode up to Michael's so I could look for another cross stitch project. There is something specific I wanted, but unfortunately, Michael's didn't have it. I did find a couple of other things, though! ;) Hobby Lobby is just down the road from Michael's so we decided to stop there just to see if I could find that something I wanted. And I did! YAY! Sorry to be so cryptic about the project, but I don't want to share it until it's done. I don't think Kevin & Samantha read the blog, but just in case . . .

Saturday evening we had Darrell & Judy over for dinner to celebrate Judy's birthday which was on Friday. I served Chicken Pesto Pasta, salad, garlic bread, and lemon meringue pie. Darrell had to come to the rescue to ensure the salad was made because I forgot to pick up a salad kit I'd wanted!! He went to their rig and got some tomato, onions, and celery to make the salad. At least I had the spinach.

Anyway, dinner was success, even if we had a stutter start. :) We even sang “Happy Birthday” to Judy, complete with a candle in the pie! The evening was filled with good conversation with good friends. So grateful to have Darrell & Judy in our lives.

Today we went to church as usual. But, we didn't go out to lunch because Jim & Susan had other plans. So we came on home and made do with what we had. Well, Randy made do by making meat loaf sandwiches. I picked up some fried chicken and mashed potatoes at the grocery store we stopped at after church. :)

Again, we spent the rest of the day in the RV with the A/C on 'cause the humidity is still nasty. Even the breeze is warm! But, we watched some movies and I cross stitched! Can't say it was a bad way to spend the day. :)

Tomorrow, I am back at Curves! I didn't like missing all last week. And I'm gonna be feelin' it, I'm sure.

Hope you had a good weekend. Until the next time . . .


  1. I love sneaky gifts... Too bad you couldn't give hints... I have one going too. It's a hot air balloon. She doesn't do blogs and so I am safe lol. We have Bible study in a half hour. Praise....

  2. Anonymous11:42 PM

    Humidity is the worst! Have fun with your new cross stitch project. I used to love CSing, but I have no time for it these days.

  3. It are like that old sayin' "A bad day inside the RV is better than any day out in the heat and humidity."

  4. Sounds to me like you were pretty darn busy. All the food sounds very good. Wish your friend Judy a belated Happy Birthday.