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Monday, March 07, 2011

Mardi Gras Fun Continues

Although chilly, the day dawned brightly. A good sign for the park parade scheduled for 11am. Nothing like rain to dampen the spirits on parade day. Get it? Dampen, rain? Yeah, that's as good as I got right now! Well, it's a moot point, no rain today.

Since I hadn't done laundry on Saturday because of the ugly weather, I decided to do it this morning. During the week the laundry room isn't opened until 8am, so I had a leisurely morning computering and watching the news while I had a couple of cups of coffee. About 7:40 I meandered over to the laundry room and found it open! YAY. Got a jump on anyone else and completed the chore in an hour and a half. I was back home by 9am.

We spent the next couple of hours just watching TV while waiting for it to be time for the parade. About 10:45 Darrell & Judy came by to get us to come outside to line up for the parade. We had a long walk – all the way down our drive!

The sun was shining beautifully in a blue sky – perfect for the parade! Lots of our neighbors were lined up, too, just waiting for the color guard to step off.

Color Guard steps off

Right on time the parade started and for the next 10 minutes we caught beads, moon pies, and candy. We waved to the King & Queen and enjoyed the floats, decorated golf carts, silly folks dressed up, and cheered our local volunteer firefighters who always end our parade.

 King & Queen


P1130138 Marlow VFD

Then it was time to get to the clubhouse to grab a seat for lunch. I cashiered again as I had on Friday night and will again tomorrow night. Once again we had a huge crowd – close to 200 folks. I didn't tak another picture because it would have looked like the one I posted Friday. :)

Once again we had music

Lunch music

and the King & Queen made their appearance.


Can you tell we enjoyed our lunch of pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, baked beans, potato wedges, and ice cream sandwiches?

Lunch was good!

Tomorrow night we'll end this year's Mardi Gras celebration with another outstanding dinner, skits, and music. It's gonna be fun!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time. The food sounds delish too.