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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back at "Camp Monaco"

We left Kissimmee, Florida around 10:00 this morning for a 70 mile trip to Wildwood, Florida where the Monaco Service Facility is located. We had an appointment to have the one of the rig's slides looked at. It took us about 2 hours to travel 70 miles as we were on US 441 most of the way and it winds through small towns with lots of traffic lights. :) But, it was an easy drive, so that's what's important.

When we arrived at Camp Monaco, I went into the office to let them know we were here. Luckily, there was a vacant site in the campground that we could have. Last spring we were hooked up to electric and water but were set up against the shop. This is much nicer.

Dale, our service writer came by about an hour or so after we got set up. He and Randy went over our concerns and Dale said that maybe they could even get to us today. Yeah, right! :) We know from experience now that they'll get to us when they get to us. And since I know that now, I'm okay with just hanging out. We have no plans for the next couple of weeks so we'll see what happens. Randy said that Dale seemed very nice so that's good. Matt, our service writer back in the spring, is now working in the shop. We'll miss him, he was so personable. But, I know that he really wanted to get back to the shop and away from service writing, so I'm happy for him.

Randy talking with Dale
Our site at Camp Monaco
Our view of the facility
That's all I got for now. Don't know that I'll have much to share over the next few days. It will depend on how long we're here. Maybe we'll take a day trip to Mount Dora. It's supposed to be a pretty town. Whatever we do, I'll be sure to share it with you!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. mary slater11:48 AM

    Mount Dora, is that named after a famous Dora that we both knew very well?!