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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why Does Every Small Town Claim a “Historical” District?

This day did not start out as planned. My plan yesterday was to get up and go work out at the local Curves and then we'd explore the area. Unfortunately, I was sick all night long and most of the morning with a headache like I haven't had in years. Don't know where it came from, but I'm glad it's gone now. Ugh - I hate those headaches.

Anyway, a little after lunch I needed to get out of the rig. So, we decided to take a drive into Brunswick and the historic district, hence the title of this entry. Because a town may have had some hand in a war or had people die in a war or someone famous drove through the town, does that constitute an historic district? I guess it must because it seems that every town we drive through or walk through has one. Oh, well. I figure every place needs bragging rights on something.

Brunswick's downtown district is not particularly pretty, except for Newcastle Street. This seems to be the one street where the town has tried to renovate and make the facades attractive.

Randy & I walked down to the East River to look around. We did find some history in that there was a World War II Memorial and an historical marker explaining how "Liberty Ships" used in World War II were built in this town. But that was the extent of the history, at least as far as we saw.

Lined up along the dock at East River were several fishing boats. Man, that is a tough life. I sure do appreciate the hard work these folks do to bring us consumers that great seafood. We also saw lots of pelicans enjoying the beautiful weather, swimming the water and soaring along the breeze.

After walking around for about a half hour, I was done. After one of those bad headaches, my energy doesn't last too long. So, we headed back to the truck and came back to the campground. This is a picture of the Brunswick River. I thought the sky looked beautiful.

This evening has been spent in front of the TV as usual. We are TV junkies, I'll admit. And we can't get any broadcast channels at this campground and it's driving me crazy. I'm missing all of the series premieres this week! I have such a tough life. :) However, as I type this entry, I am watching the presidential debate. I still don't know what the heck they're going to do, no matter who gets in office!!

Tomorrow we plan to visit Jekyll Island. Many folks have told us how beautiful this area is and that we are going to enjoy our time there. I hope to get some good pictures!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I HATE missing my shows!

    If you can't watch them on the network website (some shows aren't posted) try sidereel (dot) com. I've been able to find EVERY SINGLE SHOW I searched for on that site.