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Friday, October 10, 2008

Florida – It's HOT Here!!

I know, I know! No post yesterday. Sorry! Yesterday was a travel day and it seems I tend to forget to post on travel days. I guess I figure I don't have much to share on those days. So, I'll catch you up.

We left Brunswick, GA about 9:30 for a four hour trip to Kissimmee, FL.

As usual (thank You, God!) we had an uneventful trip, with a couple of stops for potty breaks and lunch. We got to our campground (and I use the word loosely) around 2:30 or so. I use the term "campground" loosely because it's really a park model/mobile home park with a bunch of RV sites. And most of those RV sites are occupied with long-term folks. Oh, and it has the word "resort" in its name. Why do so many campgrounds feel the need to use that word? Like we're not going to realize it ISN'T a resort once we see it? Again, not a pretty park at ALL, but the price is right at $16/night. And being very close to Disney World at the price is a DEAL. So, I'll live with the unprettiness (good word, huh?). After all, my RV is gorgeous inside and that's where I live, so what do I care!?!?!!

Have I mentioned just how hot and humid it is here? Oh, yeah. It's Florida! But, really, it is October. It was 88 degrees yesterday at 3pm. Ugh! Guess I shouldn't complain, though, huh? I have A/C and I don't have to work. So, I'm going to shut up now.

This morning I got up and went to Curves. It's so close - less than a mile up the road! Once I got home and got a couple of cups of coffee in me, I updated our finances. It's always good to know how much we have to play with. :)

We decided to go get some breakfast and then for a ride to see just how far we are from Disney. We needed to go to WalMart anyway. Breakfast was at Ponderosa 'cause they have a buffet for just $3.99/person. It was okay, but I can see why it's just $3.99 - it sure wasn't Cracker Barrel! What do "they" say? You get what you pay for!

After breakfast, we headed up the road to Disney. In addition to finding out how far up the road it was, we wanted to find out how much they charge for parking. I couldn't find that anywhere on their website. It's $12, in case anyone's wondering. Guess that's not so bad. It's still cheaper to pay for parking and stay outside of Disney. Not as much fun, maybe, but cheaper.

It's funny, as we approached the entrance, I could feel my stomach getting jittery just as it did the first time we went. There's just something about Disney World that never gets old. I even took a picture of the entrance! Then I emailed it to Reagan to show her what was waiting for her.

We finally hit WalMart, did our shopping and headed home. We did stop by another campground near WalMart to see if we'd like that one better. Although it does seem better kept-up, it's mostly park models and long term folks, too. There's one other campground I want to check out before we leave this area so we'll know for the next time we come here.

That's it for the last couple of days. We're probably not going to do much until we hit Disney. We talked about doing some sightseeing, but decided we wanted to save our money for Disney. So, we'll just chill here at the park until we hear from Lindsay that they have arrived. I can't wait!!

Until the next time . . .


  1. I LOVE Disney!! I've never tried this, but I think you can park at the Hoop-de-doo Review at the Ft Wilderness General Store, Tri-circle-D Ranch for $5. You can take a boat launch to the Magic Kingdom. If you need park tickets, you can take the monorail from any of the resorts or the MK to the ticket center. It's kind of fun, and the ranch (animals and ponies) are fun, too!

  2. I've only been to Disney once, about six or seven years ago. It was the best family vacation of my life! I'm jealous of your jittery stomach :)

  3. AHH! Enjoy the days of rest before the days of crazy fun!
    I really loved Magic Kingdom- gotta go back now that Meg is older!

  4. I'm so jealous of your Florida temps, it's barely up to 60 here. Growing up in So California I'm "disneyed out". Haven't been since my own kids were little. Have fun!