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Monday, October 20, 2008

Cleaning Day - UGH!

Randy & I had decided we would clean the RV from front to back today. We've been very remiss in our cleaning duties lately and the RV was showing our laziness, let me tell you.

I did go to Curves first thing this morning, though. Since we're going to be in AL for the next three months, I transferred my membership to the local Curves. Before leaving in February, I'll transfer it back to PA since that's my "home." By transferring my membership, I don't need as many travel passes. I really enjoyed my session this morning. The trainer on duty was very high energy and the women were very friendly. Makes for an easier workout when the atmosphere is friendly like that.

Once back at the RV, I got my morning coffee in me (2 cups) and caught the last hour of Good Morning America. That's one thing I do miss by exercising in the early morning - GMA! That's where I get my news! Then, I realized that since we are now in Central time, The View is on at 10am instead of 11am. So, I had to watch that! Mondays is "hot topics" day.

Okay, I finally couldn't put off the cleaning any longer. I had stalled long enough and Randy had gotten started. Randy's the vacuum person in our house. And he vacuums like no one I have EVER seen before. You all know we live in a less-than-400 square foot home. So, how long can it take to vacuum it, I ask you?? The answer here is THREE HOURS!! Yes, I said three hours. OMG! But, I gotta tell you, it's clean when he's done. He not only vacuums the floor, he vacuums the window treatments, the woodwork, and the furniture. What a guy! I followed behind him cleaning mirrors, windows and countertops. My major cleaning job is the bathroom. So, I did that, too.

After we were finished, we promised each other we are going to be better about cleaning so it's not such a tough job. I know, I know. Easier said than done. There's always something better to do than cleaning! :)

And that was our day! Exciting, huh? :) Tomorrow I start back with one of my dulcimer groups, Jam N Folks. This is a new group for me this year, although I know many of the people in it already. I am looking forward to playing again.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. So, when you're in the area again, I just want you to know we have a very nice vacuum that Randy can use. When can we expect you to come by? :)