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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Concert in the Park

What a beautiful day it was today! While the morning started rather chilly - 51 degrees outside at 6:20 this morning and only 58 degrees inside the RV! - once the sun came up, it warmed up nicely. It was sunny and breezy most of the day; doesn't get much better than that!

We began the day by going to church. We're attending Jubilee Shores United Methodist in Fairhope. It is a contemporary church and very unlike any Methodist church I've ever attended. Many of our friends in the park attend this church as well and that's how we became aware of it. The congregation is very friendly and very community oriented. They have lots of ministries and opportunities to serve.

After church we headed to WalMart; we desperately needed to go grocery shopping. We got that out of the way quickly (I hate grocery shopping!) and were on our way home just a few minutes past 11am.

Not bad, huh? Attended church and completed grocery shopping all before 11am!

As we pulled into the driveway, Ron & Ruth stopped by and asked if we wanted to join them for lunch at Big Daddy's, a local restaurant. Of course, never ones to turn down a meal, we said yes. So, we got the groceries put away and went off to eat with them. We were joined by a couple of women from the park, Ann & Barb. A good time was had by all - lots of laughing and catching up.

This evening we went into Fairhope for a concert in the park by the Baldwin Pops Band.
Fairhope is beautiful town and the park overlooks the pier on Mobile Bay.
Several folks from the park were there as well and we joined them.
The band was good and it was fun sitting in the park on a beautiful evening listening to good music. And we got to see a beautiful sunset!
Baldwin Pops is a volunteer community orchestra. Randy is going to contact them about joining. I am pretty excited about this for him. He hasn't played much since retiring and this will give him an opportunity to use his talent. I hope it works out.

Tomorrow is cleaning day! This rig is long overdue for a good cleaning. I'm going to Curves in the morning, then it'll be back to the rig and clean, clean, clean.

Hope you had a good weekend. We did! Until the next time . . .

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  1. Sounds like a great day! And how neat that Randy is thinking of joining the orchestra!