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Saturday, October 03, 2009

80s in October??

Yep! Since we arrived on Wednesday, the temps have been in the mid 80s. In October. Amazing. I know I'm in the south, but I figured fall is fall, right? Guess not! We've had the A/C on every day. I'm really not complaining, just surprised. The sunshine and blue skies have been absolutely gorgeous - as we look at them from the inside of the RV! :)

I wasn't quite so lazy today. Had two loads of laundry in the wash by 6:50am and was completely done and back at the RV before 8:30. Pretty good, huh? And we had a nice, late breakfast of scramble eggs and scrapple - which I made!

Then, before it got too hot, we did a little more outside. To make the site a bit more cozy, we put out our banners, wind chimes, and hummingbird feeder. It's funny, in our stix & brix house, I never was one for decorating or landscaping or such. But, since we've been full-timing, I like to put out a few "homey" things. Guess I need a bit of home wherever I go.

It's been a good day. Randy looked at me today and said "What a rough life we have!" and grinned from ear to ear. :) He is so right; we live a fabulous life and thank God each day for it.

Tomorrow we off to find a new church. I really don't like "church shopping," but that's the only way to find one. I want to be where God wants us to be and where we can serve and be fed. So, that's our plan for tomorrow.

Hope your Sunday is a good one. Until the next time . . .

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