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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mid-Week Fun

We had a nice surprise yesterday evening when Ron & Connie invited us to their place for dinner! No need to bring anything, just show up. Now, THAT's an invitation we just couldn't pass up! Ron had bought an infrared turkey cooker and wanted to try it out. Hey, we'll be guinea pigs any day for free food. :)

So, we joined Bob & Pam, Clyde & Sarita and Ron & Connie for a delicious dinner of turkey, baked beans, and salad. Yummy. After eating our fill, we sat around the fire for another hour or so. Life at its best!

Earlier yesterday I went to music for the morning, then came home and sat outside in the sun reading for awhile. Ahhhhhhh . . .

Today started with a trip to Curves for me. I really didn't feel like going, but persevered. I'm always glad that I went once I'm there. I'm still not a fan of exercise AT ALL, but know it's good for me.

Randy had worked out in the yard yesterday, edging around our cement pad. He continued that today and also mowed the grass around the RV that Ron can't get to with the riding mower. Our site looks really great!

This afternoon I went over to the clubhouse for a pick-up jam session with Pam & Connie and some other folks here at the park. These sessions are a little tough for me because I don't play by ear - at all. I need to have music in front of me. So, when someone calls a song I don't know, it's hard for me to keep up. But, the only way I'll learn is to keep trying. And I will. If nothing else, I get to enjoy some really good music!

We ended our day with a trip to get some ice cream. Our favorite ice cream place is Bruster's and we were excited to find out there are two here - one in Gulf Shores and one in Orange Beach. Now, it's a good 30 minutes to Gulf Shores and another 15 minutes to Orange Beach, so some may say that's a long way to travel for ice cream, but we think it's worth it! We got to Gulf Shores and that Bruster's was closed! NOOOOOO!!

Well, we had to go to Orange Beach anyway 'cause Randy needed to go to a tobacco shop that is located that, we figured we'd be on the lookout for the other Bruster's. Randy got what he needed at the tobacco shop and we continued on our drive. As we headed out of Orange Beach, I had just thought we'd not find the Bruster's and there it was! We stopped and got our ice cream - a milkshake for Randy and a milkshake with Butterfinger bits in it for me! Perfect. :)

That's it for another great day at the Guiler's. Tomorrow is gonna be a long day. Dulcimer practice in the morning and two gigs in the afternoon. I also have an eye doctor's appointment after that! Big day for us.

I'll leave you with the scene out our back window. Until the next time . . .


  1. Beautiful evening sky!
    Hey, I would drive that far for Brusters ice cream.

  2. Ice cream and a sunset, sounds like a great day!