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Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Post for Blackie

This post comes from Blackie's buddy, Buster. Buster's "parents" are our neighbors at the campground in PA. Long-time readers will recall that Buster had written Blackie a letter once before and, apparently, he is missing Blackie, so . . . here's another letter. Just a caveat - Buster's mom is crazy! :)

Dear Blackie,

I know it’s only been a couple of months since you left me and went south but I miss seeing you when I look out my front door. We only have two more weekends left at the campground and then it will be closed up and winterized.

Guess what! I was bitten by a spider at the campground and it took 2 doctor visits (that was not fun – the knife was out again and they drugged me) and 3 weeks for it to heal. So, be careful! That healing part will make you miserable.. I had to wear a bootie each time I went outside to go potty and the rest of the time inside I had to wear that stupid “lampshade looking” collar.

I have been reading your mommy’s blog and noticed all the nice pictures of their music playing concerts, all the eating buffet places where they are meeting other friends, pretty sceneries of mountains and woods – but again - NO Pictures of Blackie having any fun!!! What is up with that?!?!?

I just don’t know about your mommy . . . she needs to take pictures of you walking with your daddy, strolling in these pretty parks (parks – not campgrounds), walking down into the water and laying in the sand at these pretty beaches. So, where are your pictures??? I expect to see some soon!!! Hope so…

Have you met any good walking buddies? You could share all the good sniffs together, enjoy those good spots together, go swimming, etc., and share your biscuits. Hope so... How is the water temperature? Have you gone swimming yet or gone on a boat ride? Hope so… Make sure you put on your life jacket in case you fall overboard. They really do help you afloat – I’ve tried one. Keep in mind that I don’t like to swim but Axl (my adopted ½ brother) and I went swimming a couple years back and I had mine on. It was a good thing to because I HATE the water!!! My mommy did take me into a creek once and I was okay as long as my feet were still touching the ground - but I panic once I can’t touch the ground.

I did notice in your mommy's blog that you are left on your own for 8-9 hours while they are out partying/eating. Guess we should be glad that she doesn’t know about that “hidden trap door” we installed this past summer while they were out partying/eating. You know some campgrounds have dog walkers for a small fee for when your parents are going to be out all day. Has your mommy gotten you one yet? How is your biscuit supply? Still good or are you running low? I can have my mommy send to your mommy a new box of biscuits – you just let me know. Well gotta go – until next time – ruff, ruff, ruff !!!



  1. What a hoot! I love when our fur-buddies write each other, and let us read over their shoulders! LOL

  2. That is way too cute! But, I am with Buster, you guys need to take better care of Blackie!