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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Have to Keep Trying

Well, no "purchase" made today. :) The church shopping will continue. The church we attended today was okay, but I feel God wants more than "okay" for our worship. It's not that the church was bad, it just didn't seem to be the one for us. But, as our friend Dan told me, our church is out there and we'll find it. Just gotta keep praying and be open to where God leads us.

Not much else happened today. The rains finally came this morning - big time! Water sits in the area outside our door so we have to be careful as we walk out the door. Thankfully, the rain eased enough for us to get to the truck and then into the church building without getting soaked to the skin. It's been intermittent the rest of the day.

Another day of cross stitching, TV watching and relaxing. So rough! I'm hoping to get a mani/pedi and haircut tomorrow.

Jason, Lindsay & Reagan went to a neighborhood farm over the weekend so Reagan could pick her pumpkin for the season. Thought I'd share just how cute she is . . .

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I don't know where you guys are at but we attend church online every Sunday. We found a United Methodist church in KS that we fell in love with and now no matter where we are as long as we have internet we can go to church.
    Here is the address they have archived sermons also.