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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dinner with New Friends & a Reunion

Today was such a good day. Started off with a session at Curves. Came home to enjoy my coffee and computer.

This afternoon I went over to the clubhouse to play music for a little while. Randy was home vacuuming - am I a lucky girl or what! :)

About 2:30 we headed out to The Shrimp Basket to meet up with Paul & Margery for an early dinner. Margery and I "met" through our blogs and they have been in the park for a couple of weeks. Margery came by our place last week and we chatted for a bit. They are leaving for Myrtle Beach tomorrow morning, so we decided to get together for a meal today so we could hear each other's stories.

We had a FANTASTIC time with Paul & Margery!! We laughed, shared our ideas/feelings on so many subjects and just found that we clicked. It was great. They will be coming back to the park in March and we are really looking forward to getting to know each other even better. And I am so bummed that I forgot to get a picture of the four of us!

Once we got back home, we went over to Ron & Connie's to welcome home J & Heidi and Chuck & Jan. We had a little reunion around the fire. It felt great to have the four of them back and to spend time with them. And there will be so many more gatherings around the fire over the next few months. :)

Life is getting back to "normal" here at the park as more friends are coming in every day. We're still waiting on several more - hurry up, y'all!!

Until the next time . . .

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