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Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Got the Music in Me!

No post yesterday 'cause there was absolutely nothing to share. Really, nothing. I figure you wouldn't be interested in us walking Blackie a couple of times and sitting inside the rig enjoying the A/C while watching TV and using the computer. So, no post.

Today, however, made up for yesterday! We were up at 6am so we could get out the door and to the lab by 7:30am for Randy to have some blood work done. We got to the lab by 7:15 which was a good thing 'cause there were already several people waiting for the doors to open. One of the lab employees got there early, opened up and allowed folks to sign in and get started. We were out of there by 7:50. Not bad.

By that time, Randy was ready for his coffee 'cause he'd had to fast for the blood test. Off we went to Mickey D's for a healthy (HAHA) breakfast. I know, I know. It's bad for you, but sometimes it tastes soooo good. :)

Next up - Pickers dulcimer practice. Randy is still hanging in there with the psaltry. I'm not sure how much he's enjoying it, but he's still playing. I love having him there with me. After practice, many of us went to the Chinese buffet for lunch. No making dinner on Thursdays! I love that!!

After lunch Ruth & I went to the Pickers' gig at a local assisted living facility. Randy & Ron went on home, after making a stop at the grocery. The gig was successful, as usual. I really enjoy playing at these places because the folks are so grateful that we come. Really, it's so gratifying. I try to be sure to go to each person and thank them for allowing us the privilege of playing for them.

About 3pm Ruth dropped me off at home. I was ready to be home, too. It was a long day. Next Thursday's gonna be worse because we have TWO gigs in the afternoon. But, it'll be worth it as we will be playing at another assisted living facility and then an Alzheimer's facility.

Tomorrow is Curves and laundry. Yes, I am deviating from my schedule, can you believe it? :) Only because I have another dulcimer gig on Saturday and we have to be out the door by 7:45am!

The weather is supposed to be cooling off. I am ready for that! Until the next time . . .

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