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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Gig & Dinner

Started the day with a session at Curves. Good for me! :)

The morning was taken up with a dulcimer gig at a church in Bay Minette which is about 45 minutes north of us. We had about 40 people from three different groups play together today. And we had a great audience! Even with all the folks playing, our audience still outnumbered us! That's a good thing. We had a gig earlier this season where the number of people playing were twice the number in the audience! That is NOT a good thing! :) Anyway, we played for a little more than a hour and then were treated to a wonderful lunch of homemade soups, bread, salads and great desserts. Nice payment!

While I was out playing around, Randy was toiling away again. He washed the truck and it sure is purty! All white and shiny. Good job, honey!! Thank you for your hard work. :)

Early this evening we went out to dinner yet again. :) There were six of us this time: Dick & Pat, Darrell & Judy and us. We wanted to get together with Darrell & Judy before we left. We've not spent a lot of time with them this season between our holiday trip and Judy's being sick when they first got here, our schedules just haven't meshed. But, we made this happen today.

We went to a new restaurant (for all of us), called Market by the Bay. It was supposed to have the best fried oysters around and that's what Darrell & Judy were in the mood for. Me, I'll go for seafood anytime. When we pulled up to the place, I wasn't so sure what we'd find inside. And if we were going for atmosphere, this certainly wouldn't have been the place. But, they had patio seating and it was still warm outside with a nice breeze, so we sat outside. We got our food and it was SUPERB!! I had grilled shrimp; Randy got a fried shrimp and white fish po boy which was overflowing; Darrell & Judy got their fried oysters; Dick & Pat got a combo platter. All of us were very, very pleased with our selections. And the prices were pretty good, too. Another good restaurant for our list!

We are so blessed with the friends we have made during our travels. Some are casual and we keep up via emails once in awhile and others have become family. Dick & Pat and Darrell & Judy are four of those who are family. Randy & I are fortunate to have them in our lives. We will miss them when we leave here Sunday, but we know that we'll be together again soon.

Hope your week is going well. I've got another dulcimer gig tomorrow. Randy's hoping for rain so he can take a day off. :)

Until the next time . . .

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