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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Souper Evening

We were a bit more lively today. Of course, just getting up out of the recliners a couple of times would have been more lively than yesterday!

We went to church this morning. We had some good praise music this morning, really touched my heart. Pastor Bill also shared a great message on doing a reset on our finances - making sure that they are in God-order, versus good order. It never hurts to hear a reminder of where all that we have comes from. Nothing we have is ours, it all comes to us by the gracious hand of God. We are merely to be managers of it, and hopefully, we are good managers.

Tonight was the annual Soup Night at the clubhouse. This is one of the events I really look forward to each year. It's a smorgasbord of soups! Whoever wants to do so, makes a pot of soup and brings it to the clubhouse to share with the crowd. A donation of $3/person is asked and the proceeds go to a local charitable organization. Each person gets a cup and goes from soup to soup, sampling all the soups desired. It's a great deal, good food, and a good cause. Of course, it's always held on a Sunday night, so we get to have our ice cream for dessert!

Always a good time here at Rainbow Plantation! Until the next time . . .


  1. That sounds neat! I love soups and like trying different foods (although I do have a freakish thing about eating food made by people I don't know although eating at a restaurant is pretty much the same, but that's not an issue).
    Amyway, did you have some soups that were especially good?
    What a neat idea!

  2. Did you get any neat soup recipes??