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Monday, January 26, 2009

Starting the Traveling Chores

The day started with my Bible reading for the day then a session at Curves. This is going to be an "eating out" week, so I gotta go as much as possible just to maintain!

Back at home I settled in to read the blogs I follow and have my coffee. Doesn't that first cup taste so good?!?!!! :) Once I got my two cups of coffee in me and then a bowl of cereal, it was time to do some chores. We've got to get the rig ready for traveling. Today was a day to start filing those odd papers away, you know the ones; various invoices, letters you want to keep, etc.

I also printed out more friendship cards. These are like business cards, but RVers use them to share address/phone number info with each other. I had run out and a couple people had asked me about them. That was a lesson in frustration 'cause I only got one page printed within the perforations! The first page printed fine and the subsequent pages were all off for some reason. UGH! I did nothing different the other times than I did the first time. Couldn't figure it out. Oh, well, I got about fifteen cards so that should do it for a while.

The last thing I did was go through the travel magazines Randy gets to look for any articles on places I think we'd like to visit. I have two file boxes in which I have a folder for each state. When we get maps or articles on places of interest, I file them in the appropriate state's folder. Then, when we go to that state, I look through the file to see if we'll be anywhere near places in the articles. I found a couple of neat places to visit in Louisiana next week!

While I was doing my inside chores, Randy was outside and washed the entire rig today!! Took him about 6 hours to do it. He's gonna be one sore puppy tomorrow, I think.

This evening we went out to dinner with Dick & Pat to Mikee's down in Gulf Shores. We had not been to this restaurant before and Pat had a couple of coupons for this place so she wanted to try it. Oh, my. Was the food ever good! All of us thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I got jumbo shrimp alfredo; Randy had sauteed scallops; Dick and Pat both got sweet and sour shrimp. The portions were more than enough and very, very tasty. Great way to end our day.

Sorry, Amy! No pictures of us at the restaurant tonight! :)

Tomorrow I've got a dulcimer gig. Randy plans to wash the truck. And we've got another dinner date - this time with Darrell & Judy as well as Dick & Pat. There's talk of at least one more dinner out sometime later in the week, too! Aren't we the popular ones! :)

Until the next time . . .

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  1. I'm not sure if I can actually believe you went to a restaurant without the pictures to prove it.